Finding the right candidate for your business involves tremendous time, effort and cost. Save your time and effort at the shed of a minimal cost by handing over the job to the experts while you focus on your core business.

We specialize in both permanent and sub contractual verticals of staffing for the IT and the non-IT industries. We cater to all levels of recruitment. Our mantra is to fill the vacancy to optimize your business. We accomplish our goal when the candidate placed adds value to your company. Our work does not stop on selection and offer; we rigorously follow up with the candidate till and also after his joining. This helps us to avoid any last minute drop outs and keep a check of the connection formed between the recruit and the new job and organization.

Staffing solutions are customised as per your requirements. Whether it is catering to an individual vacancy or to high volumes, we deliver quality and consistency always.  With a wide spread network and an enormous database, we provide you the best possible options of candidates and not load you with unmatched or uninterested resumes.

Our Process

  1. Understand your business and the departments
  2. Clear comprehension of the job and what the line manager is looking for
  3. Identify clients with skills best matching to the job description and personality complimenting the organization’s culture
  4. Converse with the candidate to understand his skills, personality and his interest level on the job being offered
  5. Schedule interviews
  6. Continuous follow ups
  7. Negotiation on salary etc., upon selection
  8. Follow up till joining to avoid drop outs
  9. After joining follow ups to understand if he has settled properly in the organization.

Expertise always counts in to get you the finest in the market at the desired cost and we do boast of having that expertise. A zealous team with exorbitant experience and a proficient process stringently followed allows us to bring the best results to your customized staffing requirements.

Soft Skill Training

Continuous improvement is what drives an individual or company’s growth. We design training programs post understanding your nature of work, your people and culture so as to enable your workforce and business to grow exuberantly. 

Basic communication and manners are usually on the checklist when selecting an employee. Our soft skill program aims to make the workforce more intrinsic and efficient by training individuals to conduct better with oneself and others in the organization.

Our soft skill training curriculum is not limited to the junior and mid level staff. We believe that though the management level is adept to the communication techniques, there is always a room for learning with the changing business trends in the global market. Leadership development, team orientation, delegation, building ownership with the company and people in the organization etc are some topics favorable for mid and senior levels.